Safe Scaffolding and formwork Systems


Have you examined our quality security scaffolding and formwork systems, which are produced by considering your safety in construction?



Our Exterior Scaffolding Systems; Our Flanged Type Facade Scaffolding and H Type Facade Scaffolding systems have passed all the necessary tests by TSE and received the TS EN 12810-1 (Facade scaffoldings consisting of pre-built components) certificate. Our products also have the CE Certificate (EN 1090-1), which is required for export to European Union countries. In addition, our quality management system that we have established within our organization is TS EN ISO 9001 certified.


What is TS EN 12810-1?

It is the standard of the Security Scaffolding System. What to do for this document; >Material tests, >Configuration-Static evaluation >Carrier elements, >Platforms, >Welds (EN ISO 3834-3), >Anchorage, >Configuration coating, >Coating (Galvanized), >Manual


Our Quality Certificates

You can find our product quality certificates and quality management system certificates issued by TSE and TÜV Austria here. TS EN 12810-1, EN 1090-1, EN 3834-3, ISO 9001 …